Find out why 200,000 drummers use Jared Falks' step-by-step video lessons.
Highly Qualified Instructor
With 16+ years of experience playing,
recording, and teaching drums - Jared
is a highly qualified drum instructor.
Unique Video Experience
He has spent over 10 years working
with top drummers to create popular
step-by-step video drum lessons.
Trusted By Drum Students
Over 200,000 drummers are actively
subscribed to receive his inspirational
video lessons in their email inboxes.

Jared Falk has been actively playing, recording, and teaching drums for 16+ years. He first started playing the drums at the age of 15. His passion for music, strong work ethic, and access to quality instructors helped him progress quickly. Over the years Jared has had the opportunity to study with Ron Janzen, Brad Naylor, Chris Macalpine, Eran Vooys, Lionel Duperron, Mike Michalkow, Dom Famularo, and Benny Greb - gaining insights from each of their unique perspectives.

He has toured internationally as a gigging drummer, worked actively as a studio drummer, and taught as a drum instructor - with over 40 students studying with him on a weekly basis. He has always had a passion for both music and education, especially after realizing how lucky he was to have the opportunity to study with great instructors. His goal has become finding the best ways to bring quality drum education to students all around the world.

In 2003, a student by the name of Rick Kettner started studying with him. With their combined passion for education and technology, they began filming drum instructional videos to post online. Within a few short years Musora Media, Inc. was born and they started producing DVD-based lessons. Over the following years they launched 18 training solutions, steadily improving the content, on-screen technology, and the overall learning experience along the way. Each new release was an opportunity to help students achieve their goals in more effective ways.

Jared attributes most of his success as an instructor to the fact that he has been able to connect with so many passionate students over the years. He has been fortunate to have over 200,000 drummers actively subscribed to his inspirational video lessons via email. Many of these students connect with him on Facebook, online discussion forums, and through email. Their stories, feedback, and experiences have helped him understand the learning experience and how to create solutions that deliver amazing results.

The Successful Drumming training pack is a result of years of teaching experience, technological innovation, and a determination to find new and more effective ways to help students achieve their goals. It is designed to provide students with a rock-solid foundation, so they can unlock their full potential on the drums. The unique training tools make it easy for students to develop entire skills rather than simply learning individual patterns. Jared believes this approach will help students achieve a whole new level of success on the drums.

Are you ready to unlock your full potential on the drums?